Dr. Marcie Kinsey Gay has been my chiropractor for the past two years.  In that time she has given me a greater measure of health!  She is caring and takes the time to listen to how my pain is after treatment.  She then makes changes to my treatments so I get better.

D. Morrow

I have had sciatic nerve pain for three weeks now.  At the start of my third week I went to my medical doctor and received a cortisone shot which did not relieve the pain.  I was desperate for relief of my pain!  My co-worker suggested Dr. Marcie.  I received a massage for my first treatment and she explained the issues that were causing my low back pain.  The massage relieved my pain for a little while.  However, I need to continue coming in for care because at this point

I have inflammation that has built up due to hurting for months  and prior treatment that did not address the source of my pain.  Since I have been getting treatment from Dr. Marcie, I can say that the pain is finally subsiding!

D. Grassi